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The Importance of Eye Care and Check Ups

The Importance of Eye Care and Checkups At Optique Inc

Eye health is just as important to your health and wellness as your medical or dental health. If you don’t take good care of your eyes, you risk losing your sight. Through routine eye exams at Optique, Inc. in Dallas, your optometrist can monitor your vision to ensure you're seeing as well as you should. If problems arise, they can be corrected before they affect your sight. Preventative eye care is key to safeguarding your vision. Here are some important reasons why you need regular eye checkups.

Improves Your Vision

You need eye exams at every stage of your life, from infancy through your senior years. Your vision changes over the years. Some of these changes are so gradual, you don’t notice them right away. Once you do notice the difference, the damage has been done. By scheduling an eye exam annually, your optometrist can detect vision changes and take measures to correct them. If you have refractions in your vision, we can prescribe eyeglasses or contacts to improve your sight.

Preserves Your Sight

Eye exams can preserve your sight as they enable your family optometrist to detect eye diseases in their early stages before damage is done. Some eye diseases have no noticeable symptoms. The only way to detect them is through a comprehensive eye exam. Early diagnosis of an eye condition or disease makes it easier to treat. It can also protect you from suffering vision loss.

Pediatric eye exams will ensure your children are growing up with healthy vision. Good vision is essential to your children's safety and will help them succeed in school. For your convenience, we provide pediatric eye checkups for children of all ages.

Forewarns You of Health Issues

Sometimes an eye exam will reveal signs of a medical condition such as diabetes or high blood pressure that you were unaware of. This enables you to get immediate treatment before this condition gets worse.

Schedule an Eye Exam at Optique, Inc.

Eye health is too important to put off. To schedule an eye exam for you and your family, call Optique, Inc. in Dallas at 214- 252-1800 today.