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How Smoking Damages Your Eyes

You already know that smoking is bad for you, but did you know that it can make you go blind? In addition to harming your lungs, heart, and other organs, smoking causes a number of eye diseases that rob you of your vision. Here are a few good reasons to kick the smoking habit from Optique, Inc., your Dallas optometrist.

1. Smoking Increases Your Risk of Getting Age-Related Macular Degeneration

Anybody can get age-related macular degeneration, but your odds of avoiding AMD are better if you don't smoke. In fact, smokers are three times more likely than non-smokers to get this eye disease, which causes permanent sight loss.

2. Smoking Gives You Cataracts

A cataract is a cloudy film on the eyes that makes it hard to see. Smokers are two to three times more likely to get cataracts than non-smokers. 

3. Smoking Dries Out Your Eyes

Do your eyes frequently feel itchy, gritty, or just plain dry? Blame the cigarettes. Smoking is one of the leading causes of dry eye, a condition that can range from annoying to downright damaging. You can cut your risk of developing dry eye in half by quitting smoking.

4. Smoking Ups Your Chances of Getting Diabetic Retinopathy

Smokers are more likely to get diabetes than non-smokers. If you already have diabetes, smoking is likely making all of the attendant health problems, including eye damage, worse. Diabetic retinopathy, a serious eye disease that can cause blindness, often doesn't cause any symptoms when it first begins. Add smoking to the mix, and you could inadvertently damage your vision a great deal in a short amount of time.

Get Your Eyes Checked by a Dallas Eye Doctor Today

If you smoke, the best way to reduce your risk of complications is to quit today. At Optique, Inc., we recommend getting dilated eye exams regularly to catch eye problems when they start, especially if you smoke or have smoked in the past. You can make an appointment with our Dallas optometrist today by calling 214-252-1800.