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Optique, Inc. Offers Help for Myopia Control in Kids

Myopia, often called “nearsightedness,” is a common condition affects millions of individuals. Symptoms often become evident in childhood and can worsen over time. However, new methods are available that can help limit vision problems caused by myopia. At Optique, Inc. in Dallas, TX, we offer vision therapy to control myopia for kids who are at risk for worsening vision problems that can continue into adulthood.

Understanding Myopia

Myopia is the inability to see clearly at a distance. Myopia occurs as a result of the shape of the eye, which grows too long from the front to the back and causes light to focus in front of the retina, instead of focusing right on it. This causes images to be blurry. It is the most common vision problem among children. Myopia can become worse as the years pass and can lead to more severe vision problems as people age.

Vision Therapy Can Help Manage Myopia in Children

Corneal reshaping can help to slow the progress of myopia, so children do not need progressively stronger corrective lenses as they develop. This is done through a system called “orthokeratology,” which uses specially designed, gas-permeable lenses that are worn at night while sleeping.

Your Dallas Optometrist Can Help

Your eye doctor in Dallas will provide a comprehensive exam to determine the severity of myopia. The optometrist will then use corneal mapping to fit the Ortho-K lenses to your child’s eyes, to be worn while sleeping. In the morning, the retainer lenses are removed. Over time, the retainer lenses prevent the lengthening of the eye shape that leads to increasing myopia vision problems. The length of treatment will vary from patient to patient.

Make Optique, Inc. Your Pediatric Optometrist in Dallas

Dr. Orm, Dr. Zellers and the staff at Optique, Inc. are committed to providing quality vision care for their patients in Dallas, TX and surrounding communities. We offer many services, including exams, eyeglass fitting, contact lens fitting, LASIK consultation, post-eye surgery care and management of eye diseases. Call Optique, Inc. today (214) 252-1800 for an appointment to learn how vision therapy can help reduce myopia in children.