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UV Protection Year Round

UV Protection is Not Just a Summer Concern in Dallas

The Texas heat is no joke. This year is no exception. In fact, it seems that records are being broken for the hottest summer yet here in Dallas. It is easy to remember your sunscreen and glasses on the days when the heat and sun are bearing down and literally in your face. At Optique, Inc we want to remind you that UV protection for your eyes is important even when the glaring sun and searing heat don't remind you to wear it. 

Why Is UV Protection Important Year-Round?

The sun's rays do not only harm the skin and the sensitive lenses of the eyes during the summer months. You can get a sunburn on a cold day, just like you can on a hot one. The only difference is that you typically cover up more and spend a little less time outdoors when it’s cold. Forgetting sunscreen in winter will be less hazardous to your health than in summer because you are likely wearing jackets, jeans, and boots. Forgetting 100% UV protection sunglasses, on the other hand, can end up causing damage to your eyes any day of the year. Don't fret though, we offer a variety of stylish shades that fit your prescription if needed, and offer all the UV protection you need all year round. Keep a pair in your car, your bag, and by the door so your eyes will not pay for your forgetfulness over time. You can schedule an appointment with our eye doctor to get your eyeglass prescription in your sunglasses if you don't already have them. 

Contact Us to Schedule Your Exam with Our Optometrist Today

If it is time for your yearly eye exam call us to meet with our optometrist today. If you would like to browse our collection of 100% UV protected shades, come in any day of the week. At Optique, Inc we know that prevention is the best medicine when it comes to optical sun damage. Call us today, (214) 252-1800.