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  • Keeping Your Eyes Safe While Playing Sports in Dallas
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Keeping Your Eyes Safe While Playing Sports in Dallas

Keeping Your Eyes Safe While Playing Sports in Dallas

Everyone loves to participate in sports, but sports injuries are known to happen from time to time. Fortunately, there are plenty of solutions available to help prevent your eyes from becoming injured. Here at Optique, our optometrists in Dallas can help you keep your eyes safe with protective eye care so that you can play your best whenever you are out on the field.

Sports Vision Protection

Regardless of the sport that you play, there is always a possibility that one of your eyes can end up getting injured. You could end up having a bruised eyelid, corneal abrasion, retinal detachment, and UV exposure. The good news is that there are some proactive eye care measures that you can do to protect your eyes from injuries. Whether you are playing basketball, soccer, or any type of sport, wearing protective eye gear that has polycarbonate lenses can help prevent foreign objects from hitting your eyes. If you have any eye gear that is worn out, be sure to throw it out. Wear and tear from old gear may become less effective or weak, and may not be enough to protect your eyes from injuries. If you wear eyeglasses, try wearing sports goggles. Sport goggles can protect your frames and your eyes when out on the field.

Working With an Optometry Clinic That Cares

We understand that sports vision is incredibly important for many people, and we want to help you protect your eyes at all times. Optique in Dallas, TX, has the right resources available to help you improve your vision after an injury. We want all of our sports players out there to know that we have your back. Give us a call today at 214-252-1800 to schedule an appointment with an optometrist.