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Life After LASIK Eye Surgery

LASIK Eye Surgery for Better Vision

When you are tired of wearing corrective lenses, it's time to consider your options. LASIK eye surgery is a procedure in which the shape of your lens is corrected so that you can reduce or eliminate your reliance on corrective lenses. LASIK eye surgery side effects are not common, and the LASIK recovery time can be short when you follow the instructions of your vision provider. LASIK can give you the vision you want, making you feel more confident.

woman enjoying her life after having lasik surgery

LASIK EYE Surgery Side Effects

LASIK eye surgery side effects are rare, but as you fully heal from the surgery you may have some temporary side effects. Patients report dry eyes and visual disturbances such as halos or a glare that eventually go away. Complications can occur, such as an overcorrection or an under correction of the lens, making it necessary to still wear corrective lenses to see properly. While rare, vision losses can occur and should be discussed prior to receiving treatment.

LASIK Recovery Time

The vast majority of LASIK patients see a vast improvement within a day of having the procedure done. Those with worse eyesight tend to see the most improvement right from the start. The lens of the eye can take up to six months to fully heal, and patients may see eyesight improvement throughout this period. Recovery time will depend on how well you listen to instructions and your overall health at the time of your surgery.

The Benefits of LASIK Surgery

Most people don't need to deal with corrective lenses right after LASIK treatment and experience little to no side effects from having the surgery done. LASIK is an affordable alternative to wearing glasses, giving patients the ability to see well while playing sports, swimming, and living life to the fullest.

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