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What Causes Dry Eyes? Our Optometrist Explains.

What Causes Dry Eyes?

Eyes require tears for lubrication so they can stay healthy and comfortable. Dry eye occurs when the quantity and the quality of tears being produced by the tear ducts fail to keep the eye’s surface adequately lubricated. According to experts, dry eyes affects millions of people across the country, with women having a higher prevalence of dry eyes compared to men. If you suspect you are suffering from dry eyes, book a consultation at Optique Inc. in Dallas for proper care.

man suffering from dry eye

Dry Eye Symptoms

If you are suffering from dry eyes you will start to experience a scratchy sensation in the eye or feeling like there is something in the eye. Short term effects of dry eyes include;
•    Burning or stinging in the eye
•    Excess tears followed by dry periods
•    Eye redness and pain
•    A sensation of a heavy eyelid
•    Blurred vision

Dry eye is a progressive if left untreated and can over time become a chronic dry eye. Long term effects of dry eyes include periodic eye infections, damage to the eye surface and low quality of life because patients struggle to perform daily tasks such as reading.

Causes of Dry Eyes

Dry eye can be experienced when the basal tear production decreases or tears start to evaporate faster. It can also occur when the tear composition is imbalanced. All these can be caused by a number of things including;
•    Medication
•    Advancing age and hence a decline in tear production
•    Hormonal changes during pregnancy
•    Seasonal allergies
•    Prolonged screen time which can encourage insufficient blinking
•    Laser eye surgery can cause temporary dry eyes

Dry Eye Treatment

People experiencing dry eyes are encouraged to seek medical advice from an eye care professional to help determine the cause and the best treatment strategy. The professional can recommend the use of artificial tears, gel or ointments.  He might also advise you to change medication to alternatives that do not cause dry eye.

Contact Optique Inc. for Dry Eye Treatment

Before you can self-medicate, book an appointment with us at Optique Inc. to find out the root cause and come up with a treatment plan.