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Why It's Important to Attend Regular Eye Exams

Why It's Important to Attend Regular Eye Exams with our Dallas Optometrist

You might not need eye exams as often as you need annual wellness visits and dental exams, but you do still need to have your eyes checked regularly. This generally means every two years, although you might need more frequent exams if you are at risk of having certain conditions or diseases that affect the eyes. At Optique Inc. in Dallas, we offer eye exams and other vision services. Learn more about why you need a regular eye exam. 

female patient at eye exam with optometrist

Early Eye Disease Detection

Glaucoma, macular degeneration, and other eye diseases can cause you to permanently lose your vision. Finding these diseases early improves your chance of protecting your vision and slowing the progression of vision loss or impairment. Regular eye exams are among the most effective ways to detect eye diseases before they can cause serious and irreversible damage to your vision. If you are diagnosed with an eye condition or disease, you can start having it treated or managed in order to lower your risk of complications. 

Updated Prescriptions

If you depend on corrective lenses to see clearly, having a regular eye exam or contact eye exam is important. These exams provide our eye doctor with a way to determine if your current prescription needs to be adjusted. You can then get new eyeglasses or contact lenses with the updated prescription. This helps ensure that you continue to be able to see clearly rather than straining your eyes, especially while reading or driving. 

Improved Health Overall

Maintaining healthy eyes through regular eye exams can help you stay in good health overall. During these exams, our eye doctor in Dallas also checks for signs that could indicate a serious medical condition, such as diabetes or high blood pressure. Finding these conditions through eye exams means you can make sure you seek treatment to prevent complications.

Schedule an Eye Exam with our Optometrists in Dallas

If you are due to have an eye exam, please contact Optique Inc. to schedule an appointment. Call us at (214) 252-1801 to speak with our Dallas optometrist.