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  • Back To School Glasses
    At Optique, We Look Forward to Serving You at Dallas's Premier Optical Boutique Here, at Optique, in Dallas, Texas, we are committed to caring for your family's vision in a friendly Read more
  • Keeping Your Eyes Safe While Playing Sports in Dallas
    Keeping Your Eyes Safe While Playing Sports in Dallas Everyone loves to participate in sports, but sports injuries are known to happen from time to time. Fortunately, there are plenty of Read more
  • UV Protection Year Round
    UV Protection is Not Just a Summer Concern in Dallas The Texas heat is no joke. This year is no exception. In fact, it seems that records are being broken for Read more
  • Seasonal Allergies
    Treatment for Seasonal Allergies Seasonal allergies affect people in different ways. Some people sneeze, others develop hives or rashes. For you, it's your eyes. Your eyes are exposed directly to allergens, Read more
  • Optique, Inc. Offers Help for Myopia Control in Kids
    Myopia, often called “nearsightedness,” is a common condition affects millions of individuals. Symptoms often become evident in childhood and can worsen over time. However, new methods are available that can Read more
  • How Smoking Damages Your Eyes
    You already know that smoking is bad for you, but did you know that it can make you go blind? In addition to harming your lungs, heart, and other organs, Read more
  • The Importance of Eye Care and Check Ups
    The Importance of Eye Care and Checkups At Optique Inc Eye health is just as important to your health and wellness as your medical or dental health. If you don’t take Read more
  • Life After LASIK Eye Surgery
    LASIK Eye Surgery for Better Vision When you are tired of wearing corrective lenses, it's time to consider your options. LASIK eye surgery is a procedure in which the shape of your lens Read more
  • Orthokeratology FAQs
    Optique Inc in Dallas, TX Answers FAQs on Orthokeratology Orthokeratology is also known by Overnight Vision Correction or Corneal Refractive Therapy.  It is a form of treatment that corrects errors in Read more
  • What Causes Dry Eyes? Our Optometrist Explains.
    What Causes Dry Eyes? Eyes require tears for lubrication so they can stay healthy and comfortable. Dry eye occurs when the quantity and the quality of tears being produced by the Read more
  • Glasses Promotion!
    Visit Optique Inc. for Our Glasses Promotion You won't want to miss our current glasses promotion and all of the savings that it offers! If you aren't using insurance to cover Read more
  • Current Contact Lens Promotion!
    Our Current Promotion Makes Now the Perfect Time to Buy Contact Lenses! Optique, Inc. is your vision health headquarters in Dallas and our current contact lenses price promotion makes now the Read more
  • How to Choose the Right Eyeglass Frames
    How to Choose the Right Eyeglass Frames in Dallas You might think of eyeglasses as a practical way for you to see clearly. However, they also have some aesthetic appeal. When Read more
  • How Your Vision Changes During Pregnancy
    How Your Vision Changes During Pregnancy Pregnancy affects your body in many different ways, including causing changes to your vision. While this might not happen in every pregnancy, it is common Read more
  • Why It's Important to Attend Regular Eye Exams
    Why It's Important to Attend Regular Eye Exams with our Dallas Optometrist You might not need eye exams as often as you need annual wellness visits and dental exams, but you Read more
  • Smoking and Eye Health
    Smoking and Eye Health           While it’s no secret that smoking can adversely impact your health in a number of ways, many people don’t realize that your vision Read more