Contact Lenses

Contact lenses provide you with the option of eliminating eyeglasses frames when you still want to see perfectly. If you are interested in obtaining contacts for yourself, make an appointment at Optique, Inc. in Dallas so our optometrist can help you select the perfect hard to fit, Orto-k, or specialty contact lenses for your situation. Here is a rundown of what you can expect during an exam for contact lenses to prepare you for the process.


Documentation Is Collected

You will first need to fill out paperwork regarding your current medical condition and visionary difficulties. Our eye doctor will assess your answers and ask you for further information if needed. If you have vision insurance, bring along your card and our staff will reach out to your provider to find out about your coverage. You can also call us to inquire about your insurance if desired.

Your Eye Health Is Evaluated

You will need to perform a series of tests to check on your eye health. These are done with state-of-the-art machinery on the premises and the procedures used are non-invasive in nature. If a problem is noticed, our optometrist will discuss their findings with you and make recommendations regarding treatment. If you decide to have your pupils dilated to check for additional eye problems, make sure to bring someone along to your appointment, so that they can drive you home afterward.

Your Vision Is Checked

Our optometrist will check your vision using a standard eye chart and lenses to find your current prescription strength. Take your time when deciding which view sharpens your images as the glass strengths used are only slightly different when trying to find the exact strength needed. You may find that some glass panes are very similar in the vision they provide. After your prescription is determined you are ready for a contact lens fitting. This is done with another piece of machinery where you simply look through an eyepiece without blinking. Your irises are measured, ensuring contact lenses you select are a perfect fit.

Contact Lenses Are Selected

We have contacts that fit any type of need. This includes specialty lenses, Ortho-k contacts, and hard to fit lenses. If you would like to alter your eye color, we have many types of contact lenses in an array of hues to choose from. Our optometrist will show you different brands and alert you of pricing before you make a selection.

If you are in need of contact lenses, contact Optique, Inc. in Dallas to make an appointment for an eye examination with our eye doctor. Contact our business at 214-252-1800 to find out more about the optical services we provide to our patients.