Eye Disease

Regular eye exams are the best preventative for eye disease. While eye exams won't guarantee you won't have an eye disease, it will ensure that the disease is caught early on and treatment starts immediately. Many eye diseases do not present with obvious symptoms, so it is imperative to see an eye doctor annually and more often if you notice changes in your vision or problems develop. Optique Inc. in Dallas is a full-service eye care center, and we can help you with all of your optometry needs.


What Is an Eye Disease?

Being near- or far-sighted or having astigmatism are eye disorders, not an eye disease. Eye disease can cause extensive damage to the eye, possibly even cause blindness. Anyone can develop an eye disease, it can be hereditary or a secondary condition, or it may be age-related. The biggest concern with eye disease is that it is often undetected until it has progressed significantly.

Most Common Eye Diseases

There are many types of eye diseases, but only a few that are fairly common. Regardless, patients should always report any concerns to their eye care specialist. Here are some common eye diseases: 

  • Macular degeneration is an age-related disease that affects sharp vision of older adults. 
  • Cataracts can appear at any age, but are most common in older people. This clouding of the eye is the leading cause of blindness worldwide. Removing cataracts is the best remedy.
  • Glaucoma is caused by a build-up of pressure in the eye that causes optic nerve damage. The best treatment option is eye drops, which helps reduce elevated pressure in the eye. If this option is ineffective, surgery may be required.
  • Diabetic Retinopathy is, as its name implies, due to a diabetic condition. Damage occurs in the retina tissues. This disease can be prevented and managed by proper diabetes control. If caught early and treated, eyesight can be saved.

When to Have An Eye Exam

Routine eye exams are an essential part of ongoing eye health since they can detect common eye diseases. Children should have an eye exam at 6-12 months, once between 3-5 years old and then again before starting first grade. An annual exam is recommended for everyone, more often if you have problems with your eyes.

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