Eye Floaters

What are Eye Floaters?

Ever have strange things crossed your vision? Do they look like small squiggles threads or small odd shapes? Do they disappear the moment you try to zone in on them? These are called, eye floaters. They mostly manifest when you are looking at something bright. For example, looking white blinds as the sun streaming in, or even just looking at the bright blue sky can cause eye floaters to appear. The cause is due to when the vitreous or gelatinous stance in the eye pulls some tiny fibers in the retina away. They clump inside the fluid, creating the floaters that you see. Floaters are normally not an issue. Though sometimes if the floaters are joined by seeing flashes of light or side vision loss, it can be a sign of an emergency condition called retinal detachment, which happens when a piece of tissue is pulled or detached from its original spot from the back of the eyewall. It should be treated right away to prevent blindness, which can happen quickly if left unattended. At Optique Inc, in Dallas, we are more than just a designer frames bouquet that we are well-known for. We house a full staffed eye care center with the best optometrist to serve all your eye health needs.


Causes of Eye Floaters

We know how eye floaters happen, but what causes can trigger them to happen? Here is a list of the top causes behind eye floaters:

  • Being nearsighted
  • Aging
  • Medications
  • Migraine headaches
  • Eye bleeding
  • Detached retina
  • Diabetes
  • Complications after eye surgery


In most cases, treatment is not needed, though there are a few treatment options that can help you with dealing with them in serious cases. If eye floaters are bothering you, it's best to see your eye doctor. Our staff at Optique Inc can treat all eye conditions as well as wellness exams too in the Dallas location. This is thanks to us only equipping ourselves with the most up to date devices and treatments in eye health care. Talk to our knowledgeable staff in how you can get in to see us today! You can call us at 248-471-1250 to schedule an appointment today!