Eye Glasses

The Best Eyeglasses in Dallas

Our optometry specialists, George Orm III and Dr. Tyler Zellers are here to help you with your eye care needs. At Optique in Dallas, we can provide you with everything from eye exams to fittings for glasses. We can help you with prescription sunglasses, sports glasses, and regular eyeglasses that will help you see clearly and have you looking great.


Eye Care and Eyeglasses

Our optometry services are dedicated to helping you see clearly. Our eye care specialists can help you with everything from basic vision testing to coming up with treatment plans for more complicated conditions such as glaucoma and cataracts. We can also help you with contacts, glasses, and vision services for sports. 

Eyeglasses are just as popular as ever. We recommend that everyone has at least one pair of glasses to backup their contacts. If you wear glasses already, having more than one pair can give you the security of knowing you always have a backup if one is lost or broken. 

Glasses are also more stylish than ever. Our practice can help you pick a pair of glasses that can really help you see just how good you look. If it’s been a while since you’ve had your vision tested, our services can help you update your prescription and find glasses that fit your style.

We can help you find the perfect pair of glasses from bifocals to polarized lenses and everything in between. We have no doubt that you’ll find what you’re looking for from our wide variety of brands and styles to choose from.

Trust the Optometry Experts

Our vision experts, George Orm III and Dr. Tyler Zellers can help you with all of your vision needs. We recommend you stop into our practice at least once per year since glasses prescriptions change over time as the eye ages. The prescription you’ve had for years might not be enough to see clearly anymore. We can help modify your glasses prescription and help provide you with the vision that you deserve. 

We can also help you get fit for contacts and talk with you about other vision treatments such as LASIK. No matter what treatment plan you stick with, a good, old fashioned pair of glasses is still a great choice.

Eyeglasses From Your Local Eye Doctor

At Optique in Dallas, we know how important your vision is. Call us at (214) 252-1800 or stop in today for more information about how we can help you find the perfect pair of glasses.