LASIK Recovery

At Optique Inc., our patients who choose LASIK rely on us for continued optical care long after their procedure. Our optometrist, Dr. George Orm III, offers both pre- and post-LASIK care in our office. You'll visit our office one or two days after your procedure for your first post-surgical examination and our professional team will advise you on the best way to make sure your eyes heal quickly. 

LASIK Recovery Time

Your total LASIK recovery time will depend on many factors, including how well you follow the doctor's instructions and your general health before you undergo the procedure. The vast majority of patients report that they feel close to normal the day after their surgical procedure. Your vision should begin to improve immediately after the procedure is finished, but patients with milder prescriptions often take longer to improve than those with very strong ones.

During the first exam, our doctor will take off the eye shield, examine your eye and test your vision. He'll give you eye drops to help prevent infections and a set of instructions on how to care for your healing eye.

It can take up to six months for your eye to heal completely and your vision to stabilize, but you'll see a steady improvement every week until then. During this healing time, our doctor will let you know when it's safe to resume certain daily routines, such as showering, wearing makeup, or playing sports. 

Results of LASIK Eye Surgery

While the overwhelming majority of people who get LASIK love the results, it's not perfect for all people. For most, the freedom to walk around without wearing contact lenses or glasses can be liberating and having clear vision can be amazing. A small percentage of patients aren't happy with the results, although many of them find their problems to be only temporary. 

Problems with haloes and other vision troubles make some patients leery of night driving, while others are disappointed that LASIK isn't a cure for age-related vision problems. In most of these cases, researching and just asking questions would have let these patients know about these situations long before their procedure. 

On the whole, though, most patients are happy with the results of their LASIK procedures, and feel no regrets after having had it done.

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