Senior Optometry Care

As the human body gets older, it's inevitable that certain systems, components, and functional needs may undergo changes. This is equally true of your eyes and vision. To ensure optimal eyesight in your "golden years," you'll want to give your eyes the extra care and attention they need at this stage of life. That's why we offer senior optometry services here at Optique Inc, your choice optometry center in Dallas, TX.

senior male patient receiving senior optometry care during an eye exam with an optometrist

Changing Needs of Aging Eyes

Age-related changes that affect vision may begin as early as age 40, with the first appearance of a lens-focus insufficiency called presbyopia. (This is why you often see people wearing "reader" eyeglasses in middle age.) Once you pass age 60, your risk for several kinds of eye diseases and disorders goes up. Seniors become more vulnerable to:

  • Cataracts, a clouding of the lenses that reduces vision
  • Macular degeneration, destruction of the retinal zone that makes central vision possible
  • Diabetic retinopathy, an irreversible retinal problem that accompanies diabetes
  • Glaucoma, optic nerve damage caused by excessive internal eye pressure
  • Dry eye, an irritating condition that can damage the cornea

These disorders can cause multiple symptoms for sufferers. In addition to the retinal diseases which cause permanent vision loss, you may experience halos around lights or changes in night/color vision due to cataracts. Glaucoma can rob you of your peripheral vision, followed by your central vision.

Senior Eye Exams and Treatment

Now that your eyes have achieved senior status, you must schedule an annual comprehensive eye exam. This exam allows either optometrist on our team to study your retinal tissues, internal eye pressure, lenses, corneas and other structures in exacting detail. It also lets us run thorough vision tests to see whether or how an age-related eye disease may be affecting your eyesight. The sooner we detect a serious threat to your vision, the sooner we can administer treatment to rein it in.

If you're already struggling with an age-related eye problem, Optique can help. Our disease/disorder treatment and management offerings include:

  • Eyeglasses and contact lenses to compensate for ongoing vision changes
  • Topical or oral drugs to control glaucoma
  • Lifestyle changes or injectable medications to control macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy
  • Wye drops, lifestyle changes, nutritional guidance, and other measures to ease dry eye symptoms

If your eye condition reaches a point where surgery is required, we can co-manage that process to help you get the greatest benefit from your treatment.

Need a Dallas Optometrist for Senior Eye Care?

Remember your senior eyes require annual checkups to make sure they're getting the help they need. If it's time to schedule your senior eye care, call (214) 252-1800 for an appointment with our trusted Dallas optometrist!