Eye & Vision Exams

Eye Exams are an Important Part of Your Overall Wellness Check-Ups

No doubt, you appreciate your vision. You use it every day. Just think what life is like for those who have lost it. Having regular eye exams are an important part of your eye care. Dr. George Orm III and Dr. Tyler Zellers of Optique, Inc in Dallas, TX, are dedicated to helping their patients maintain their vision. Here is a look at some of the eye exams that they perform and how they help you with your vision. 


Testing for Glaucoma

Glaucoma is a group of eye conditions that lead to the deterioration of your optic nerve. The optic nerve is responsible for transmitting information from your eye to the brain for interpretation. A damaged optic nerve can lead to complete blindness.

Glaucoma usually occurs due to an increased pressure inside of your eye. This increased pressure over an extended period of time starts to cause damage to the optic nerve. Any loss of vision cannot be recovered. The pressure must be relieved in order to save your vision. 

Testing of Your Eye Muscles

Your eye doctor may take an object like a pencil and move it around in front of you. He will want you to move your eyes to follow the object's movement without moving your head. During this test, your eye doctor will observe how well you can control your eye movement and see if both eyes are moving in coordination with each other. 

Sharpness of Vision (Acuity) Test

This test involves looking at a chart with letters on it. You are placed at a certain distance away from the chart and are asked to read the line with the smallest print possible. This chart checks your distance vision. You also are given a card to read up close. This card checks your close-up vision.

Refraction Test

As light enters your eye, it is focused onto the retina at the back of your eye. If the contour of your cornea or lens is incorrect, the light will not fall onto your retina and your vision will suffer.

The refraction test allows you to look through a series of lenses with various powers to determine if your vision can be made sharper. This test helps to determine the prescription of corrective lenses needed to correct the refraction of light entering your eyes.

Various Other Optometry Tests Conducted

Your eye doctor will dilate your pupils to allow more light to enter your eye. This allows him to see inside of your eye and check for any eye health issues.

You will look at a chart to determine if you have any color blindness. Your peripheral vision is checked. If you are a diabetic, you may be asked to look at a graph with a dot in the middle and told to stare at the dot. If any of the lines appear wavy, you could have bleeding blood vessels in your eye. 

Eye Exams Are an Important Part of Eye Care

Eye tests may be simply administered and a lot of information about your eye health can be determined through them. Taking care of your eyes is our primary concern here at Optique, Inc in Dallas, TX. Call us to make an eye exam appointment today and let us take care of your vision. Our number is 214-252-1800.