All About Hyperopia

Hyperopia is a common issue for people of all ages. In fact, the national rate of those suffering from hyperopia is 9.9%. Therefore, there are many people seeking treatment options for this issue. For residents of Dallas, the following is a closer look at hyperopia, as well as how Dr. George Orm III, Dr. Tyler Zellers, and the professionals at Optique, Inc. can assist you. 


What is Hyperopia?

Also known as farsightedness, hyperopia is a vision issue that makes it harder for those affected to see objects close by, but can easily view them far away. The degree to which you are affected by hyperopia may also impede your ability to focus your eyes in general.


  • Trouble seeing objects that are nearby
  • Squinting your eyes as a method of seeing things more clearly
  • Issues with eyestrain, aching in or around the eyes, or burning
  • General eye discomfort
  • Headaches after completing close tasks, such as reading, computer work, drawing, writing, and more

Treatment Options

If you are suffering from hyperopia, one of our qualified optometry professionals can help. We can provide you with the following treatment options:

  • Corrective Lenses: One of the most common methods of treatment is corrective lenses. These are worn to make it easier to see things that are closer to you.
  • Contact Lenses: Contacts can also help with seeing objects clearer. Many people opt for this option as it provides many other benefits.
  • LASIK Surgery: For those who prefer a more long-lasting treatment method, LASIK eye surgery is also an option. This involves an eye care professional using a special type of cutting laser to reshape the cornea, the dome-shaped clear tissue of your eye, to improve your vision.

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If you are suffering from hyperopia, you don't have to be anymore. Under the guidance of Dr. George Orm III and Dr. Tyler Zellers, we have a team of professionals that are ready and willing to assist you. No matter what the severity of your hyperopia may be, we can create a treatment plan for you that corrects your farsightedness. Simply call us at 214-252-1800 or email Optique, Inc. in Dallas to schedule an appointment. During your appointment, we will discuss your options and the best ways to keep this issue at bay moving forward.