Lens Coatings

Living in the greater Dallas area means putting up with a lot of sunlight exposure. Too much sunlight exposure can be bad for your eyes. Fortunately, your Dallas-area optometrist can prescribe sunglasses that protect your eyes against the sun’s harmful rays as well as other harmful light sources. Optique provides a full range of eye doctor services that will improve your vision and protect your eyes. We have a full range of contacts, eyeglasses, and LASIK services that improve your vision and help you deal with the often hot and bright sun while living in the Dallas area.


Transitions Lenses Offer Great Protection

When you are often switching locations from indoors to outdoors, you need a pair of prescription glasses that can help with that constant switching of light. Your eye doctor can prescribe eyeglasses that shade your eyes from the sun by progressively tinting darker while outdoors and improve your eyesight while indoors by progressively becoming lighter. Transitions lenses mounted in designer frames offer great year-round eye protection against harmful UV rays. You get the best of both worlds from the same pair of prescription eyeglasses, effective protection against the sun’s harmful UV rays and clear indoor vision.

Keep Your Eyes Protected at Work and Home

Blue light filtering helps when you spend a lot of time looking at a computer screen. Computer and cell phone screens are one of the most prolific sources of blue light. Blue light can provide many health benefits, especially when provided by natural sunlight. But constant exposure via computer screens, flat-screen TVs, and other common sources raises concerns about potential ill health effects from long-term exposure. Wearing designer frames with lenses containing anti-glare coatings and blue light filtering helps keep your eyes from straining while working, browsing the internet, or just watching a movie.

Schedule Your Appointment Now

If light exposure is hurting your eyes, you need to call us today at Optique eye care in Dallas. We will get you in as soon as possible and assess your eyesight and eye health. If you are interested in LASIK, contacts, coated lenses, or other specialty services, we provide thorough consultation. We also will assess your eye health and let you know what your best options are for ongoing good vision. We ensure your eyesight is the best it can be, while protecting your eyes against harmful conditions. The hot Texas sun does not have to have the upper hand on your eyesight. Transitions lenses and other effective tools help protect your eyes while you are indoors as well as outside in the bright sunlight.