Macular Degeneration

Diagnosis and Treatment of Macular Degeneration in Dallas TXmacular degeneration in dallas tx

No matter how wide your field of vision may be, there can be little doubt that the most important part of it lies dead-center. When you want to focus on something, you aim your central vision at it -- and that's why macular degeneration is such a devastating ailment. This progressive eye disease destroys the part of the retina that makes central vision possible. Fortunately, macular degeneration can be brought under control if it's detected early and treated properly. That's why you'll want to rely on Optique for your macular disease management.

How Macular Degeneration Damages Your Vision

The macula is a small area of light-sensitive cells toward the back of the eye, in the retina. These cells perform the extremely important tasks of facilitating clear, detailed central vision -- the vision that permits you to read, write, watch movies, drive a car and see your loved ones' faces. In macular degeneration, these cells are slowly destroyed, never to be regenerated. Early symptoms include a wavy appearance to straight lines, followed by distorted or even totally blank spots toward the center of your visual field. While macular degeneration doesn't cause total blindness as some other diseases can, it can rob you of the part of your eyesight that matters most.

Macular degeneration is an age-related condition, generally creating vision problems after the age of 50. Other risk factors include light-colored irises, family history, Caucasian ancestry, smoking, obesity and saturated fat consumption. Exposure to UV radiation and blue light (as such as the light generated by LED screens) are other possible contributors.

Early Detection and Treatment Options From Your Dallas Optometrist

Macular degeneration can develop for many years without your ever being aware of it, which is why early detection is critical. The earlier we can catch and treat the disease, the more effectively we can slow its progress and minimize the permanent damage to the macula. That's why we urge everyone to have a comprehensive eye exam every year. Retinal examination can reveal signs of macular degeneration long before vision begins to fail.

Treatment for macular degeneration depends on what stage it is in. The early stage, known as dry macular degeneration, is characterized by small deposits called drusen. We may recommend weight loss, dietary changes, smoking cessation and UV/blue-light protection during this stage. The more advanced and damaging stage, wet macular degeneration, involves the proliferation of weak, leaky blood vessels in the eye. This stage may respond to a nutritional supplementation program called AREDS2, along with injectable medications to stop new blood vessels from being created. If necessary, we can even refer you to an eye surgeon for laser treatments to seal off those extra blood vessels for good.

Let Us Help You Watch Out for Macular Degeneration

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