Picking the Right Frames

Picking the Right Frames At Optique Inc

Eyeglasses aren't just a way to correct your vision anymore, they're a fashion statement! At Optique in Dallas, we have many patients who buy multiple pairs of glasses, each of which fits in with a different look or attitude. While you may not want an entire eyeglass wardrobe, it's still important that you choose the right frames for your face and personal style. There are four basic factors to consider before making a final decision on your eyeglass frames.

Picking the Right Frames At Optique Inc

The Shape of Your Face

Different shapes of eyeglass lenses complement different face shapes, while others can emphasize features you'd rather not show off. In general, most frames look good when they are the opposite of your face shape. For instance:

    • Square faces look best with round or oval frames
    • Angular square or rectangular frames look best on round faces
    • Those with diamond faces will look best in cats eye or oval frames
    • Oval faces benefit from geometric shapes with a strong bridge
    • Heart-shaped faces look best with frames that have heavy bottom edges and temple arms set low on the frame

The Right Colors

Your frame color should be chosen to complement your skin tone more than your wardrobe unless you're picking a pair for a special occasion. In general, if you have warm skin tones, choose brown, gold, honey, olive green, and other earth tones for your frames. If you've got cool skin tones, pick frames that are the dark tortoise, purple, blue, pink, gray, silver or black.

Your General Lifestyle

The way you live your daily life can affect which eyeglass frames you choose. Are you active with a lot of sports activity in your schedule? Consider flexible frames that can bend and not break. If you work in a stuffy office every day, go for a serious pair for everyday use and consider a second pair for the weekends if you want to try a multicolor print frame. You'll need to wear your glasses during your daily life, so your frames should go along with your environment and activities.

Your Personality

When it all comes down to it, your eyeglass frames say a lot about you as a person. Giant blue frames with sparkles say just as much as plain black nerd frames do. Think about the impression you want to make on the people you meet and match your eyeglass frames to that attitude. You can even choose different frames to match different moods.

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