Rapid Vision Loss

Rapid Vision Loss Diagnosis and Treatment With Your Dallas Optometrist rapid vision loss dallas

Your vision and eye health are our focus here at Optique. When you meet with your Dallas optometrist at our office, you will always get exceptional care and attention to your needs. We are here to answer your questions and help you to find the care you need. In some cases, you may need an immediate appointment. If you are experiencing rapid vision loss – or any change in your vision – schedule an appointment with us right away.

What Is Rapid Vision Loss?

Vision can get progressively worse as a person ages. This is generally a very slow and hard-to-notice process. You may notice your eyeglass or contact lens prescription increases in strength with each visit. However, in other situations, vision loss can be very sudden. When this happens, it is important for you to seek out immediate care to protect your vision from permanent loss.

Sudden loss of vision can happen for various reasons. This includes:

  • A sudden clouding over of the eyes even if the eyes are normally clear and vision is sharp
  • Changes in the retina, the portion of the eyes that senses light that’s located at the back of the eye
  • Changes in the optic nerve, which carries vision information to the brain

Sudden Vision loss can happen because of situations such as:

  • Detached retina – when there is damage to the retina
  • Macular degeneration
  • Diabetes mellitus
  • Poor blood supply to the retina due to a blockage
  • Infection of the retina
  • Glaucoma
  • Inflammation of the optic nerve
  • Brain tumors, strokes, infections, and multiple sclerosis (which can cause sudden vision loss)

What Treatment Options Are Available for Rapid Vision Loss?

The first step is to come in to see your eye doctor for a thorough eye exam. Our goal will be to access the current health of your eye and determine what is causing the sudden vision loss. The treatment that is appropriate for your care will depend on the cause. We may recommend:

  • Medications that may help minimize further risk of the condition worsening, such as medications to minimize stroke risks or medications to treat diabetes.
  • Detachment of the retina treatment requires an in-office vision
  • Medications may help with inflammation and high pressures in the eyes
  • Surgical procedures may be necessary in some situations

Our goal will be to stabilize your vision with the right treatment for the cause. We will then recommend ongoing care that’s appropriate. For those with sudden vision loss, it is important to seek out medical care for conditions that may worsen these risks. In addition, we may recommend more frequent visits to your optometrist.

Schedule a Consultation for Rapid Vision Loss with Your Dallas Optometrist

If you are suffering from rapid vision loss, call our Dallas offices for an appointment with our optometrist. Don’t delay in getting the help you need. Dr. Orm is available to discuss the care you need with you right away. We offer comprehensive care for most types of vision and eye health needs. Call us: (214) 252-1800.