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Optique, Inc: Sports Vision

Most people understand the importance of seeing their primary care doctor for a yearly checkup. It is also important for individuals to see their eye doctor for a yearly checkup as well. Those who like to play sports should also know that one area of optometry specializes in sports vision training. This unique field of eye care can make a difference for athletes who are looking to excel at the highest level. Optique, Inc. is proud to provide everyone in the Dallas area with this unique eye training for sports.

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What is Sports Vision Training?

While some people might think that sports vision has everything to do with clarity, it actually focuses on other areas. Instead, this training and therapy focus on tracking one's objects and improving coordination. This includes depth perception, focusing on key objects, tracking objects in flight, visual attention to both central and peripheral areas, and processing speed of information. By improving these areas, people's eyes will be highly trained for competitive athletics.

Who can Benefit from Sports Vision Training?

Anyone who is interested in improving their skills in the competitive arena can benefit from sports vision training. Initially, this type of training was reserved for athletes who compete at the professional and collegiate levels. Now, this training is available to athletes of all ages. Therefore, even children who are looking for a way to improve their skills can have access to this type of high-level training. Once someone has identified the sports in which he or she would like to improve, this sports vision training can start.

What Skills are Improved with Sports Vision Training?

When someone gets started in the field of sports vision training, there are several skills that are going to be improved. First, most people will focus on depth perception. The eyes will be better trained to interpret just how far away objects are. Then, the eyes will be trained to interpret how fast an object is moving. This allows someone to better track objects as they move through space. The eyes will then be trained to read multiple areas of the visual field at once, including both the central and peripheral areas. All of these skills will translate into improved performance.

Help from a Trained Sports Vision Specialist

Sports vision is an important area of athletic performance and it is important for everyone to take every step necessary to succeed. At Optique, Inc., one of our areas of specialty eye care involves sports. Therefore, those in the Dallas area who would like to learn more about this unique opportunity should contact our trained optometry providers today to learn more about this service. You can reach us at 214-252-1800 to schedule an appointment today!