Sports Vision

Poor athletic performance is often blamed on things like lack of coordination or low general fitness, but in many cases, the problem is far simpler: the player can't properly see what's going on. A variety of specific vision problems may be responsible for this, including poor visual acuity, problems with depth perception, or difficulties in focusing on quickly-moving objects. Fortunately, all of these can be helped with the proper eye care here at Optique Inc in Dallas, TX.

kids playing soccer

What is Sports Vision?

This is the general name for the visual skills used while playing sports. It includes depth perception, tracking of moving objects and people, eye teaming, and visual acuity.

Why is Sports Vision Important?

Sports vision skills are essential for being able to show decent performance at any sport. In most people, these skills either work automatically or are easily brought online with a few games' worth of practice. Others, however, need extra training or treatment to get the eyes and brain to properly communicate.

Children who perform poorly in sports are invariably targets of bullying, and their self-esteem will also suffer because they won't be able to do what the other kids seem to easily pick up. This, more than the raw ability to score, is what makes sports vision treatment in kids so important.

In adults, sports vision is usually most important for things other than actual sports. Dodging hazards at work, completing construction projects without accidents, and other such things use visual skills like object tracking and depth perception – abilities that are enhanced by sports vision training.

Tips for Healthy Eyes

Good nutrition is the basis for healthy eyes, so it's best to start by eating plenty of dark green, leafy vegetables, fish high in Omega-3 fatty acids, and eye-healthy foods. For sports vision in particular, one easy thing you can do is practice things like watching moving balls or playing catch at home. Many people will find that simply doing this will help train their eyes and brain in the needed skills.

If this does not bring enough improvement, consider signing your child up for vision therapy. Today's methods include "video games" that are specifically designed to serve as sports vision exercises, a variety of kinetic exercises, and other such things. This makes them much more likely to actually be completed, and therefore, to work.

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